For a child fighting a critical illness, every day of waiting is one too many.

Would you grant a wish for a child, and bring joy BACK to their family?

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For a child fighting a critical illness, every day of waiting for a wish is one too many.

Wish Story

Lena Marie was born with cerebral palsy, and her wish was to meet her favorite baking Youtuber. Due to COVID19, Lena couldn’t meet her in person, but our wish-granting team granted her wish in a very special and surprising way…

One day, Lena Marie was at hospital for her therapy, and was delighted when our wish granters brought her cake and some extra presents.

But then came the REAL surprise, our wish granter Sonja said that she would show Lena Marie some pictures on her laptop… and there on the laptop was her favourite baking Youtuber, waiting for her virtual meet and greet with Lena Marie! She was so excited when she recognized her idol, she asked nearly a thousand questions in 40 minutes. It was an incredibly joyful wish, and so heart-warming for everyone involved!

Lena Marie’s Mum, Claudia told us; “the pain and suffering of the past few months were forgotten. THANK YOU for the brightest eyes we’ve ever seen on our daughter!“.