Charitable deductions in Canada

Charity is a major part of an individual’s life, and interestingly, corporations also are taking part in the experience. The corporations who donate to a qualified charity are entitled to many benefits in Canada. Not only does the entire process help grant wishes to critically ill children and their families, it also has benefits for the donor. A company can donate a non-returnable amount to the public, private, and even national organizations. They will thus enjoy tax deductions for their enterprise.


Grant life-changing wishes

How many charitable deductions can I claim?

You can claim all of your charitable deductions, thus lowering the taxes you pay. You have to file a separate form known as the schedule 9 form. This, along with filing for your yearly taxes, you can easily claim your charitable deductions. To fill the form, you would require official donation receipts supporting documents, and any further proof like cheques, bank statements, and receipts.

Corporate tax deductions in Canada after donating


It starts with 15 percent of the first two hundred dollars you donated and can reach a maximum of 75 percent of your gross income in one year. You can claim your donations even five years later. This is how the government gives a certain portion of your donation back to you. It thus promotes not only compassion and sacrifice for those who need it but also cuts some costs for companies still striving.

Donation tax credit rates in Canada

Although there are many reasons why people contribute to charities, many enterprises do it for tax credit. A tax credit can be claimed and thus lower your annual taxes. The charitable tax credits are employed to lessen your tax liability. Charitable tax credits are simply a reduction in the amount of taxes your company pays. The Canadian federal and provincial governments owe the company that has contributed to a cause.

You will get a certain tax amount refund when you file a tax credit form along with your annual taxes. The rate can start from 15 percent of the first few hundred you invest and then reach up to around 33 percent. All Canada’s provinces fluctuate the tax credit rates anywhere from 4 percent to 24 percent of your revenue. These are subject to change, not only to external factors.


Grant a wish by donating

You can contribute in many ways. One of the most rewarding forms is donating to Make-A-Wish. Donating helps us grant wishes to all the children around the world who are living with a critical illness.

Thus with your donations, Make-A-Wish fulfills life-altering wishes. The wish journey is an experience that holds a transformative power. Children often gain renewed strength, joy, and confidence during the wish journey. Donate today, and help us continue to transform the lives of critically ill children and their families.


Grant life-changing wishes

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How many charitable deductions can I claim in Canada?

Make-A-Wish makes it possible for you and supporters across our 40 Affiliates to come forward with donations, leading the initiative of granting wishes for children living with critical illnesses. With the provision of such wishes, the main goal is to provide these children with a ray of hope.
As emphasized, making greater donations is considered part of a greater cause, after all. In Canada, it is possible for you to claim the entirety of your charitable deductions or a significant part of it. However, this is possible up to a limit of 75% on your net income. Learn more about how things work in this article.

How do charitable deductions work in Canada?

Initially, the deductions usually start at about 15%, which is also based on the first two hundred dollars you have donated. In regard to this, a maximum of up to 75% could be achieved on your net income within a single year.
On the other hand, it is possible for you to reclaim all of your donations, even after a span of five years. This represents how the Canadian government provides you with a certain portion of your donations. Keeping this under consideration, this move fundamentally promotes a sense of sacrifice and compassion to those who are in dire need of it.

What is the limit of charitable deductions in Canada?

You can claim all of the charitable deductions, subsequently lowering the costs that you might pay. In order to do so, it is necessary to file a separate document, most commonly known as schedule 9.
The form, alongside a record of all the taxes you pay, would inevitably help you to claim your charitable deductions. To fill out the form, it is absolutely necessary for you to attach donation receipts along with other documents such as bank statements, cheques, etc.

Is my donation to Make-A-Wish Canada deductible?

As a result of donating to Make-A-Wish, you play a fundamental role in transforming the lives of the children living with critical illnesses. Not only that, but you also provide them with a reason to hope for a brighter future.
Our fundamental goal is to craft unforgettable wish experiences and memories for children and their families via our wish-granting facilities. Every single donation you make ensures that every eligible child’s wish comes true. Make-A-Wish is a tax-exempted organization. However, any financial contributions might be deducted for federal income tax purposes.