How our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Australia empowers children

Make-A-Wish Australia has been granting wishes for children living with life-threatening illnesses for 35 years. Research has shown that granting the wish of a child has a big impact on their life. It can play a big role in their healing process. A granted wish brings new strength, hope, and can build confidence. Read more about our partner Make-A-Wish Australia.


Grant life-changing wishes

Make-A-Wish Australia

Often the children who are living with critical illnesses are missing out on moments in their childhood that are overlooked by others. Make-A-Wish Australia believes that these children and their loved ones deserve that extra spark of joy and hope. Granting a child’s wish transforms their lives. Experiencing a unique wish journey, can renew strength and build courage.

When a child’s wish is granted, they experience something that is extraordinary. During the wish journey, their imagination can truly run wild. Each wish is carefully crafted to the imagination of the child. This unique experience is put together by hardworking wish granters, volunteers, generous donors, corporate partners and local communities.


What does Make-A-Wish Australia do

According to the latest medical data from Australia* , more than 9,500 children are living with a life-threatening illness. These children often have to go through many medical procedures and have to spend a lot of time in the hospital.

A child who is living with a critical illness is not able to enjoy a carefree childhood. Make-A-Wish Australia believes in giving these children and their families hope, to regain strength for their future.

Granting a wish for a child living with a serious illness, helps them realize that anything is possible. The siblings and parents of a critically ill child struggle daily because they have to watch their loved one go through many hardships.

By granting a wish, a child and their family are able to forget about their reality for a while. They get to turn their fear and anxiety into renewed strength and the realization that the impossible is indeed possible.


The impact of a wish

Juniper, who is 5 years old, is living with leukemia. She has been a fan of Australian Ninja Warrior most of her life. When Juniper was diagnosed with leukemia she had to go through chemotherapy. During her recovery there were only a few bright moments for her and her family.
When Juniper was asked what she would wish for, she didn’t hesitate and immediately told the wish volunteers she wanted a Ninja Warrior course in her backyard.

Juniper was smiling from ear to ear when she heard she got to live out her ninja dream. Her mom said that she could see how much Juniper was enjoying playing in the backyard with no worry, anxiety, or fear.

Afterwards her mom said that it was so important to have experienced this much fun in their backyard. The obstacle run was not just a one-time-thing, it enabled the family to create everlasting memories.


Give hope to critically ill children by donating

Transform the lives of critically ill children and their loved ones. The impact of the wish journey lingers on and renews strength for the future. Together with supporters, generous donors and hard working volunteers, Make-A-Wish shows that even the seemingly impossible, is possible.

Any donation, large or small, makes a difference for children living with a critical illness and their families. Give hope, and donate today.


Grant life-changing wishes