How our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Australia empowers children living with a critical illness

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Make-A-Wish Australia is dedicated to granting the wishes of children in Australia who are facing life-threatening illnesses. We work closely with our Affiliate in Australia to provide hope and inspiration to these children and their families, who are often facing a challenging stage in their lives. We strive to make each granted wish worthwhile with a forward-looking impact on the child’s life. Our goal is to provide hope and happiness during a challenging time, and to help children and their families feel a sense of joy and normalcy.

Grant life-changing wishes

How a wish changes lives

Make-A-Wish Australia prioritizes the emotional well-being and care of children living with a critical illness. When a family or relative reaches out to our Affiliate Australia for assistance, we thoroughly examine their situation with honesty and strive to fulfill their child’s wish with the help of our generous donors. We recognize that these children often miss out on typical childhood experiences and may struggle with self-assurance due to their health challenges.

Therefore, it is our goal to offer them hope and joy by granting their wishes. We have helped children achieve their dreams, which can improve their self-confidence and emotional health and even play a part in the treatment journey. We are dedicated to doing everything in our power to enable these children to create happy memories with their family that will last a lifetime.

Phases of Make-A-Wish Australia


Make-A-Wish Australia helps children living with a critical illness all over Australia by granting their wishes. The process consists of four phases:

  1. A request referral for a child living with a critial illness is received. 
  2. We confirm the child’s eligibility for a wish.
  3. We meet with the child and family to get to know them, and start to identify what the child’s wish might be. This phase is called ‘wish capture’.
  4. Wish granters get to work designing and planning the child’s wish.
  5. The details of the wish are revealed to the child and they get to enjoy the sense of anticipation
  6. The wish is granted with the help of partners, donors and volunteers
  7. The hope, strength and joy of a wish come true can have a lasting ‘wish effect’ on the child and their family.

Criteria to apply for a wish

At Make-A-Wish Australia, our mission is to make the dreams of children living with critical illnesses come true. Applications for a wish may be submitted by the child themselves, their legal guardians, a medical professional or another person familiar with their condition. In order to be eligible for a wish, the child must be a resident of Australia and within the age range of 3 to 17 years old. It is our hope that by granting these wishes, we can bring some additional happiness and hope to the lives of these children and their families.

Donate today and transform the lives of children living with a critical illness

The success of our mission relies on the kindness and hard work of our volunteers and donors. By contributing to our cause, you can bring joy and strength to children living with a critical illness. Join us on this special journey and make a positive impact in the world. Donate today!

Grant life-changing wishes