Since 1980, we’ve granted more than 500,000 wishes all over the world.

97% of wish parents report an improvement of the wish child’s emotional health.

This holiday season, spark joy with a wish – and Light Up Hope for brighter days ahead.

Ailina’s wish…

8-year-old Ailina can’t speak but you can see the pure joy she feels when she listens to music.

Seeing her joy gives her family hope and relief from the daily worries of parenting a critically ill child. Ailina, who has Rett Syndrome, chose a special wish to spend a fabulous day with her loving parents, listening to her very favourite music by Ed Sheeran. 

This festive time of year we all think about getting together to celebrate with our families. But so often, families with critically ill children miss out on the special times together most of us take for granted. 

A child’s joy is a light of hope for us all.

Donate today and bring joy and hope to other families like Ailina’s.

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