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Andrea's wish

Andrea’s story is truly special. As a child who lost his father at an early age, and was diagnosed with a rare vascular disorder, Andrea’s life has been particularly difficult. Sturge-Weber Syndrome is an illness that limits movements and speech, depriving Andrea of the autonomy that every boy his age should have. It also forced him to undergo many operations.

But Andrea is a lively and curious little boy, who has not given up his dreams – he shares his passion for race bikes with his “second father” – which he clearly expresses when asked by our Wish Granters. Andrea’s wish is to have a bike with a built-in wheelchair that would allow him to speed around in the open air.

On Andrea’s wish day, the route was set up by our volunteers and everything made ready for Andrea to try out his new bike in front of a cheering crowd. Andrea’s friends and family were also there to share this unforgettable moment with him. Andrea’s mom later told us :
“The emotion of meeting the volunteers, the overwhelming happiness when they informed us that Andrea’s wish had been accepted and being able to share this significant moment in the life of Andrea with our family and so many people in our community. We can’t thank you enough for making Andrea’s wish a reality.”

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