What is Make-A-Wish?

Make-A-Wish is the largest wish-granting organization, helping children around the world living with critical illnesses. Donate to help make a wish come true today.


Wish parents said the wish improved their family’s well-being and brought them closer together.


Wish children felt more hopeful for their future, stating that their wish helped them overcome feelings of sadness.


Medical providers said the wish helped relieve the family from traumatic stress related to their child’s illness.

How did it start?

A young boy with a police officer costume and patrol man's hat


It started with a single wish on April 29, 1980: 7-year-old Chris, struggling with leukemia, wanted to be a police officer for a day.

Six people answered the call, rallied the entire community, and granted a wish that lifted Chris up during his darkest days. These six people are the original WishMakers.

Today, over a half-million children have received wishes that replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope.

Become a WishMaker


Each April, in honor of the founding wish, Make-A-Wish is seeking the next generation of WishMakers : people like you who can make a wish come true by donating. We are powered by your support. We are nothing without you, our WishMakers.

Because all it takes to make wishes come true, is YOU.