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Make-A-Wish Foundation ® International is an Arizona nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal Identification Number (EIN): 86-0726985

Wish child Elisa poses with sunflowers

In May 2022, Elisa’s mother noticed that she had a slightly swollen abdomen and decided to take her to the hospital, even though she had no other symptoms or complaints. On examination, the doctor immediately found a malignant tumor of approximately 12cm near Elisa’s liver. Just days later, Elisa started chemotherapy and later  underwent surgery to remove the tumor. 

Upon waking up from one of the chemo sessions, Elisa commented to her mother: “I already know what my wish is! I want to be a model and walk the catwalk!”  From there Elisa’s wish team worked to provide Elisa with an unforgettable and transformative experience.  

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we need you to help us make every wish come true just like Elisa’s. Please donate today. 

Donation FAQs

How much does a wish cost to grant?
Wish costs vary greatly depending on the wish requested. Some wishes are very simple, and the wish goods or services may be donated, costing Make-A-Wish nothing. Other wishes can be very elaborate and cost thousands of dollars. Whenever possible, Make-A-Wish seeks in-kind donations to help defer wish expenses.
What are your sources of funding?

Make-A-Wish International and its affiliates receive financial support from a number of sources. Contributions come from individuals, corporations, and private and foundation grants. Make-A-Wish also relies on in-kind contributions as well which help to lessen the cost of goods and services.

How much of my donation funds wishes?

Make-A-Wish International is proud of the manner in which it manages the generous donations of its supporters. In 2021, more than 65% of the funds raised by Make-A-Wish are used to fulfill our mission. Visit our Financial Information section to see more of our exceptional donor stewardship.

Make-A-Wish International received a Candid platinum seal of transparency for 2023 and a Four Star rating from Charity Navigator.

How can I follow the impact of my gift?

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Can I donate crypto?

Yes! You can donate cryptocurrencies here.

Can I donate stock?

Yes! You can donate stock here.