Examples of childhood cancer fundraising

Make-A-Wish International grants wishes to critically ill children. We grant wishes with the help of hundreds of volunteers, local partners and corporate sponsors. By fundraising for Make-A-wish you can make a big difference in the lives of children who are living with a life-threatening illness. In this blog we discuss a few examples of ways to participate in fundraising for childhood cancer.

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What we can do by fundraising for childhood cancer

Fundraising for children who are living with cancer is important to spread awareness. By granting wishes of critically ill children, we give hope to wish children and their families. Granting a wish will create a life-changing experience for the child where they can forget all about their worries and truly enjoy an amazing experience together with their families.

Every single effort in this fundraising matters. We can do a lot of things with the help of these funds. Fulfilling the wishes of children demands funds. Our aim is to bring joy and laughter to the lives of children who are living with critical illnesses. We can only do this with your help.

Childhood cancer fundraising ideas and wishes


There are plenty of ideas to play your part in fundraising. If you want to help critically ill children there are many options to do so.

You can create awareness in your local area about childhood cancer. This way you can educate people on the matter. Moreover, you can urge people in your social circles to play their part in raising funds. It does not demand you to have a sum of money in your bank to donate. Fundraising can be done in many different and fun ways. Here are some examples of fundraising ideas:


Sponsored bowling tournament

Organizing tournaments is a great idea for raising funds. A bowling tournament is a creative and effective idea for fundraising. People can come together to bowl and have a good time. This fun activity can entice donors of all ages and will help in raising funds. Arranging such an interesting tournament is an effective fundraising method.

Besides this, you are also contributing to creating awareness of childhood cancer. You can donate the income of the tournament. This way you can make a big impact in the lives of children living with life-threatening conditions.


Sponsored cooking contest

Another great idea to fundraise, is to organize a cooking contest. Sponsored cooking contests are a good way to raise awareness about childhood cancer. Cooking contests are engaging and fun. These contests would undoubtedly motivate families to participate, especially on weekends. This holds an incentive to donors and ensures increased participation, and ultimately more collection of funds.
By organizing your own fundraiser you can get donors together and have loads of fun, while also gaining donations for children who are critically ill. Organize your own fundraiser and don’t forget to share on social media! Learn more about how you can make the wishes of eligible children come true.


Grant life-changing wishes

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Why is fundraising for childhood cancer important?

Living with cancer is tough for both the child living with the illness, and their family. Childhood cancer can be both a mental and physical battle for the child who has to go through continuous hours of treatment, and spending days at the hospital. These necessary treatments can also be financially taxing for the family.

The child who has to spend hours at the hospital, is often staring at the same white walls in the room, which can be tiring and depressing. Make-A-Wish aims to provide happiness to these children by granting them their wishes and allowing them to escape the mental exhaustion of these treatments for a moment. fundraisers are held to raise money to allow the wishes of these children to come to reality.

How can I fundraise for childhood cancer?

The first way you can help fundraise is to create awareness and educate people around you about childhood cancer. The more people that are aware of how impactful and helpful these fundraisers can be, the more likely they will be to donate. You can plan a fun and interactive contest as a fundraiser. Another way is to organize tournaments to raise money for childhood cancer. Fundraisers can be small-scale or big-scale depending on what is convenient or doable for you. Every single cent raised can be helpful for us to achieve our aim to grant wishes to children and bring a smile to their faces.

What are good examples for childhood cancer fundraisers?

Fundraisers can be held in various ways and there are numerous ideas you can choose from or come up with an idea yourself. You could hold a tournament if it is doable for you which can help raise money with participation money. Alternatively, you could hold various fun and interactive contests such as a cooking or an art contest. You could organize a bike or relay race or a specific 10k walk asking people to wear gold while walking to also display the cause for their walk being to support children and families living with childhood cancer. Alternatively, you could organize a hike under similar conditions.

What can I do to raise money for childhood cancer?

There are various ways you can help raise money for childhood cancer. You can start by educating others and spreading awareness about childhood cancer and its impact. Furthermore, you can educate others on how the raised money will be used and how it will create an impact. You could hold contests, tournaments, arrange walks or races or hikes, or you could provide services to raise money for childhood cancer.