How to donate bitcoin to Make-A-Wish International

How to donate bitcoin to Make-A-Wish International


Make-A-Wish International believes in giving hope and renewed strength to critically ill children and their loved ones through the Wish Journey. The experience of seeing the seemingly impossible become possible, has the power to transform the lives of children who are living with a life-threatening illness. You can support these children by donating to Make-A-Wish through bitcoin. On this page you will find all the information you need on how to donate bitcoin to help Make-A-Wish International grant wishes.


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The benefits of donating bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have completely changed the world we live in. Crypto is causing a shift in the landscape of commerce and philanthropy. There are several benefits to donating bitcoin.

  1. Privacy: crypto ensures anonymity and protects your personal information. It is quite difficult to find out who sent what to whom.
  2. Tax-efficient: the IRS and many other tax offices globally, treat bitcoin as property assets. This means your donation is tax deductible. Your donation through bitcoin is subject to capital gains tax (but never to capital gains tax rates).
  3. Secure and fast: donating bitcoin only takes about 10 minutes. Credit cards can take days to process transactions.


Making a donation through bitcoin is one of the easiest ways to become a part of the legacy of Make-A-Wish. 


How to donate bitcoin to Make-A-Wish International

Donating through crypto has become a popular choice for individuals as well as organizations. At Make-A-Wish International we have chosen to work together with The Giving Block. The widget on this page was created by them. How can you donate bitcoin to Make-A-Wish International?

  1. Select “Bitcoin” or any other cryptocurrency in the dropdown menu of the widget. 
  2. Type in your information: email and address.
  3. Finish up, and your donation has been received!



Why you should donate bitcoin to charity

Children with critical illnesses often miss out on parts of their childhood. They sometimes have to endure difficult days and treatments. The Wish Journey provides critically ill kids new opportunities outside of their illness. Make-A-Wish turns the seemingly impossible, possible. Right before their eyes. This has a huge impact on a child’s outlook on the future. They keep dreaming and believing in themselves with new hope given to them through the Wish Journey. Do you want to help us provide this extraordinary experience to children who are living with a critical illness? We need your help. Give hope and donate bitcoin to help us grant wishes. Need any help? We would be happy to get in touch with you.