Is Make-A-Wish a childhood cancer charity?

Make-A-Wish is not solely a childhood cancer charity. We are a charity for children who are living with life-threatening illnesses. Make-A-Wish International is a worldwide recognized charity organization working with critically ill children to grant their wishes. Since 1980, we have been working to bring smiles to the faces of children whose childhood is not as carefree and joyful as it should be.

Our wishgranters coordinate with multiple donors and volunteers to ensure seamless execution of a child’s wish journey. The entire wishgranting process is conducted after consultation with the child’s health professional to ensure their safety. In this blog you will read more about the successes of Make-A-Wish raising awareness for childhood cancer.

Grant life-changing wishes

Our successes as a charity for childhood cancer

There are many children who are living with cancer. It can be difficult to face a life-threatening illness in childhood. Make-A-Wish International grants the wishes of eligible children.

The success of this charity is linked to the participation of the public. With the support of generous donors we get to bring smiles upon the faces of critically ill children. The wish journey has the power to give these children and their families an experience they will never forget. It enables them to create memories that will last a lifetime.

What you can do for the cause of childhood cancer


If you want to make a difference in the lives of children living with cancer, you can help the organization in several ways. You can stand with Make-A-Wish and offer your voluntary services in your country. Make-A-Wish International is working in around 50 countries, and you can volunteer and partner up with our Affiliate in your country.

You can also help us grant wishes by donating. By donating you are giving new hope and confidence to children who are living with critical illnesses, like cancer.


The wish journey

The wish journey of Make-A-Wish International started many years ago. The organization’s initiative is linked with the wish of a child named Chris Greicius. Chris wanted to be a police officer.

On 29th April 1980, Chris became a police officer for one day. At that time, the authorities in charge helped him in fulfilling his wish. He wore an officer uniform and took charge of a police station for a day. Since Chris’ wish day, Make-A-Wish International has been granting the wishes of seriously ill children globally. Now internationally, World Wish Day is celebrated every 29th April.


Help us grant wishes for critically ill children

You can help us grant wishes to critically ill children by donating today. Moreover, you can offer your services by volunteering for Make-A-Wish. When you volunteer, you make a direct impact in the lives of our wish children and their families.

To help us grant the wishes of critically ill children across the world, you can support us by donating today. Transform the lives of children living with a life-threatening illness, and donate today. Learn more about how you can support us at our frequently asked questions.


Grant life-changing wishes

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What does Make-A-Wish do?

Make-A-Wish is recognized worldwide for the charity work we do for children living with life-threatening diseases. Our main aim is to provide happiness to children that go through hours of treatment. By granting them a wish, we work towards bringing a smile back to their faces. Make-A-Wish is a charity organization that works with volunteers and donors to bring eligible children’s wishes to reality.

Who is eligible for a wish?

Make-A-Wish works towards granting wishes to children living with life-threatening illnesses . Specific criteria have been laid down to determine who is eligible to be granted a wish. A person who is at least three years old and at most seventeen years old passes the first eligibility criteria. Next, it comes down to the physician treating the child, to determine based on the medical reports and condition, if the child is eligible for a wish or not. Make-A-Wish has laid out medical criteria to make it easier for people to understand who is eligible and who is not.

Does Make-A-Wish focus on childhood cancer only?

Make-A-Wish does not focus only on childhood cancer but on other existing life-threatening illnesses children may be living with . We realize how tough the constant and continuous treatment periods can be for children facing these illnesses and how by granting a wish, a child can find an escape from those constant treatments and enjoy having their one true wish granted. The eligibility criteria laid down by Make-A-Wish can give a clearer description of which children are eligible for the wish and the proper medical criteria.

How can I support Make-A-Wish?

There are numerous ways you can play a part in wish-granting for a child associated with Make-A-Wish. Making the intention and having the willingness to create a positive difference for these children is the first step forward. You can act as a donor or volunteer for our organization. We accept donations. If you want to join our group of volunteers to help them execute the wishes, you can apply as a volunteer too. Other ways you can support our work are by giving a cryptocurrency donation, donating stock, donating hotel loyalty points, car donations, and many more.

Sarah Labelle

Sarah Labelle

Sarah Labelle is Digital Fundraising Manager at Make-A-Wish International, having joined the organization in 2022 after a previous mission in humanitarian healthcare. Sarah oversees new donor acquisitions and conversions through our digital channels. Additionally, Sarah manages the e-commerce side of the website, email marketing and strives to deliver a smooth donation process for all Make-A-Wish supporters.