Make-A-Wish during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Every year, approximately 400.000 children are diagnosed with a form of cancer. This means we have to keep granting wishes for these children, in order to give them hope. During the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we show our support to every child who is battling cancer.

Make-A-Wish grants wishes for children who have, or are recovering, from cancer. It has been proven that the wish journey builds up the confidence and strength of an ill child. A wish granted, leaves the positive impact of joy and hope for children and their families. 

Children who are living with life-threatening illnesses, often miss out on a normal childhood. If anything, these children and their loved ones need all the hope, strength and joy they can get. When Make-A-Wish grants a child’s wish, the memory lives on forever. The families of the children are able to forget their worries for a day. 

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Gold ribbon childhood cancer

What is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

Thousands of children globally are diagnosed with cancer every year. A disease that is still one of the most life-threatening diseases in children under 15. Still, the cause of childhood cancer is largely unknown. Although there is progression, such as new treatments, childhood cancer still continues to affect children and their families.

In September with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we carry these children and their loved ones in our hearts. Make-A-Wish stands with the children and their families, who continue to face childhood cancer and have to fight against this heart-wrenching illness.

When is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

September is Children’s Cancer Awareness Month. It is an annual international awareness month dedicated to raising support, money, and awareness for childhood cancer and its impact on children and their families.

It is represented by a gold ribbon, which is worn to commemorate the occasion. The gold ribbon is the international symbol for childhood cancer. With this pin, awareness is raised for all children who have cancer and those recovering that we carry in our hearts. During September, people around the world wear the gold ribbon, buildings are colored gold and in this way, awareness is raised for childhood cancer.

Donate during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Make-A-Wish joins the movement of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month every year, hoping to bring more strength and courage to every child fighting cancer. And we can only achieve this with your support.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, and has to undergo cancer treatment, tough days lie ahead for him/her and their family. They often experience long days in the hospital and have to endure seemingly endless treatments. All the more reason to bring extra light to their lives. When Make-A-Wish grants a child’s wish, it often brings joy back to their lives. They experience the most beautiful things and forget their pain for a while. 

We ask you to join us this month for childhood cancer awareness. With your financial support, we can grant more life-changing wishes, and bring joy back to the lives of critically ill children. Learn more about Make-A-Wish and our donation rules.