How our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Israel brings joy the lives of children living with a critical illness

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Make-A-Wish Israel aims to fulfil the wishes of children living with critical illnesses. A wish can prove to be a life-changing experience for both the child and their family, as it provides them with the chance to witness their wishes come to fruition, even when they may have seemed impossible. The wish journey can offer a ray of hope, happiness, and a much-needed respite from the hardships that accompany the child’s illness.

Grant life-changing wishes

The influence of wish-granting

The wish journey endeavors to bring joy and positivity into the lives of children who are living with critical illnesses. The program is fuelled by the tireless efforts of a group of committed individuals who collaborate to transform the child’s wish into a tangible reality. This team comprises wish-granters and volunteers who plan and execute the wish, alongside benefactors who generously contribute to facilitate the wish-granting process. Every stakeholder involved in the wish journey is instrumental in creating a memorable and significant experience for the wish child.

Make-A-Wish Israel: The Wish Journey Phases


The specific phases of the wish journey may vary depending on the unique circumstances of the child and family involved. This process generally involves the following steps:

  • Referral: A parent, guardian, relative, friend, or healthcare professional refers a child to Make-A-Wish.
  • Eligibility: Make-A-Wish evaluates whether the child meets the criteria for receiving a wish.
  • Wish Capture: A wish granter meets with the family to identify and discuss the child’s wish.
  • Wish Design: Make-A-Wish plans the wish, keeping in mind an remarkable experience for the child.
  • Wish Anticipation: The child and their family eagerly wait for the wish to be granted.
  • Wish Realization: The child’s wish is fulfilled and celebrated with their family and loved ones.
  • Wish Effect: This stage can last well beyond the last phase as the child and their family experience the positive impact of the granted wish.

Which children can apply for a wish?


Make-A-Wish Israel offers an opportunity for children aged 3 to 17 inclusive, who have been diagnosed with a critical illness to receive a wish. To qualify for a wish, the child’s medical condition must be verified by a healthcare professional, and they must be referred by a healthcare professional, parent or guardian or someone else familiar with the child’s medical condition. This verification process is crucial as it not only determines eligibility but also ensures that the wish journey is tailored to meet not only the child’s wants, but their needs and abilities.

Donate and inspire children with a critical illness


Making a donation to Make-A-Wish Israel is a significant way to show your support for children in Israel who are living with a critical illness. Your generous contribution will enable us to fulfill wishes that can inspire hope, provide strength, and bring happiness to children and their families during a trying period in their lives. Take action today and join us in making a positive impact on the lives of these children.

Grant life-changing wishes

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