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Make-A-Wish New Zealand believes that granting the wishes of children living with a critical illness can have a profound impact on their lives. Through the hard work and generosity of our volunteers and donors, we strive to give these children extra hope and strength.

When a wish is granted, it often allows these children to step away from the limitations of their hospital room and experience joy and happiness. It can contribute to their emotional well-being and gives them the chance to live out their dreams. Want to learn more about our Affiliate Make-A-Wish New Zealand and how you can get involved? This article will explain more about their ambitions and inspirational wish-granting.

Grant life-changing wishes

How a Wish Journey inspires

The goal of Make-A-Wish New Zealand is to provide hope and joy to children living with a critical illness throughout the country. The children often face immense challenges as they deal with their illness and often must endure frequent hospital visits. Dedicated volunteers and donors work to grant the wishes of these children and give them the chance to feel a sense of joy and hope for the future. By granting these wishes, we hope to not only bring happiness to these children, but also contribute to their emotional well-being and help them maintain a positive outlook. It is our mission to support and uplift these children, and we are committed to doing so with all of our hearts.

Stages of the Wish Journey at Make-A-Wish New Zealand


Many people can submit a wish application at our Affiliate New Zealand for a child living with a critical illness, including the child themselves, their parents, guardians, healthcare providers, friends, relatives, or teachers. Once someone has applied for a wish, we reach out to the child and their family to determine their eligibility. If they qualify, we arrange a meeting with the child and begin the process of fulfilling their wish with the help of our financial and technical supporters, volunteers, and partnering companies. It is impossible to quantify the happiness and hope that granting these wishes brings to these children.

What are the criteria for eligible children?

Make-A-Wish New Zealand grants the wishes of children aged 3 to 17 years who are living with a life-threatening illness. These children are given the opportunity to apply for a wish and, once their application is received, a physician carefully evaluates their case to determine their medical eligibility for the Wish Journey. Children who meet the necessary criteria are eligible to have their heartfelt wish granted.

Grant the wish of a child living with a critical illness by donating

Your donations and volunteer efforts make it possible for us to fulfill our mission of bringing hope and resilience to children living with a critical illness. By donating to Make-A-Wish New Zealand, you can be a part of this Wish Journey and transform the lives of wish children and their families. Please consider joining us in making a positive impact on their lives.

Grant life-changing wishes