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Welcome to the heartwarming world of Make-A-Wish International, where hope and compassion weave together to create the golden ribbon that shines a radiant light on childhood cancer. Our mission is to bring joy, strength, and a renewed sense of possibility to the lives of children who are living with childhood cancer. With every wish we grant, we embark on a transformative journey, inspiring the lives of courageous children and their families around the globe. Join us as we strive to turn wishes into reality and brighten lives – one wish at a time. Together, we can make an extraordinary difference in the lives of children living with critical illnesses.

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Understanding childhood cancer

Understanding childhood cancer is at the core of what we do at Make-A-Wish International. We believe that knowledge is a powerful tool in the fight against this disease. Childhood cancer impacts not only the young children who confront it but also their families and communities.

By joining Make-A-Wish International in our mission to understand childhood cancer, you become a vital part of the tapestry of care, love, and hope we weave around each precious wish child. Together, we will make an impact that extends far beyond wish fulfillment, fostering a world where compassion and understanding flourish, and the golden ribbon of hope continues to shine brightly.

The symbol of hope – the gold ribbon


The gold ribbon stands tall as a powerful symbol of hope and solidarity at Make-A-Wish International. It represents the strength, resilience, and hope we try to give children living with critical illnesses. For us, the gold ribbon encapsulates the boundless hope we instill in each wish we grant, a beacon of light.

It is a reminder that dreams are possible, even in the face of adversity. The gold ribbon not only symbolizes our commitment to bringing joy and comfort but also represents the collective effort of everyone who comes together to make wishes come true.

The role of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month holds a significant place in the heart of Make-A-Wish International. Throughout this month, we come together to raise our voices and shine a spotlight on the urgent need for increased awareness and support for children living with cancer. This annual campaign serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges often faced by the children and their families, while also amplifying the impact of our mission to bring hope, joy, and strength into their lives.

The contribution of Make-A-Wish

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we work tirelessly to illuminate the stories of these wish children, inspiring communities worldwide to rally around them with compassion and empathy. It is a time when the golden ribbon of hope takes center stage, symbolizing the resilience and determination of wish children, and urging us all to become advocates for their dreams.

Join us in raising awareness during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and be a part of the vibrant symbol of compassion and support that defines Make-A-Wish International. Together, we can make an impact on the lives of our wish children, one wish at a time.

Grant life-changing wishes

Sarah Labelle

Sarah Labelle

Sarah Labelle is Digital Fundraising Manager at Make-A-Wish International, having joined the organization in 2022 after a previous mission in humanitarian healthcare. Sarah oversees new donor acquisitions and conversions through our digital channels. Additionally, Sarah manages the e-commerce side of the website, email marketing and strives to deliver a smooth donation process for all Make-A-Wish supporters.