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Laila’s wish…

Laila is a 10-year-old little girl from Peru who was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure.

During her hospital stays, Laila could count on her family and 5 siblings to cheer her up. Inspired by the Peruvian soap opera “Ojitos Hechiceros”, Laila’s dearest wish is to become a singer.

After taking singing lessons, Laila was finally ready for her special day. On her wish day, a special stage was prepared, decorated with Laila’s favorite colors, her name in the background. Laila also had her hair, nails and makeup done. When she was ready, she had a limousine waiting for her outside to take her to her performance location.

When she arrived, Laila’s fan club was already there: all her family was waving signs, trying to get her attention and requesting selfies with the star! After signing off a few autographs, it was finally time for her performance. Just like in a real concert, Laila got on stage and sang her lungs away. Everyone was singing along to her songs too. Laila’s smile and enthusiasm convinced the crowd; a day to be remembered forever.


For children like Laila and many others, you can give the gift of joy and restore hope for tomorrow

Laila on her wish day

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