“I wish to meet my favourite baking YouTuber

Every child deserves a childhood full of joyful memories. There are more children just like Brenda, who are waiting on their wishes to be granted.

When the day finally arrived for Brenda’s wish to come true, she was anxious and shy, but she couldn’t hide her joy! The first stop on her special day was at the Carlos Bakery, then on to the workshop of Beca Milano, an amazing pastry chef who inspires Brenda so much.


Brenda was fascinated by the details and materials used in Beca’s workshop; she couldn’t believe she was learning Beca’s recipes from the chef herself. Together, they baked a cake and carefully decorated it. How wonderful does it look? It was an unforgettable afternoon for Brenda who summed up her wish day in a single word: “HAPPINESS!”.

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Jessica Curran

Jessica Curran

Jessica Curran is Digital Marketing Manager at Make-A-Wish International, having joined the organisation in 2020 after 2.5 years at Make-A-Wish Ireland. Jessica is responsible for planning and executing social media content across all major platforms. Additionally, she oversees Make-A-Wish International’s external website, ensuring its effectiveness and alignment with our mission.