Childhood Cancer Awareness Colors

Around 300,000 children all around the globe are diagnosed with cancer each year. This adds up to a significant amount in every country per month.
The need for childhood cancer awareness is still high. Some of the cancer cases that could have been avoided are those that, if diagnosed earlier, would have had a different outcome. This is why a childhood cancer awareness campaign is ongoing worldwide.

Thanks to awareness and the advancements we see today, the average global survival rate of kids with cancer has increased from a mere 10 percent to a whopping 80-90 percent. That is why everyone must take part in helping out children that have been living with critical illnesses. Learn what the childhood cancer awareness colors are and how you can raise awareness!

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What is the color for Childhood Cancer Awareness?

Although the various types of cancers have different colored ribbons one can wear to show their support, childhood cancer awareness uses a gold ribbon. A gold ribbon is a supreme symbol that shows your solidarity with the childhood cancer campaign.

The gold shows how strong and heroic every battle of the survivor is. This teaches a strong and definitive mindset. A positive mindset can help have a great impact on the families and lives of those children that have been diagnosed with a critical illness.

How can you participate in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Make-A-Wish International?


There are many ways you can participate in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Any act of kindness will be much appreciated by children who are living with cancer and their families.

For example, you can start by wearing a gold ribbon all year round but specifically in the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. You can also participate by holding fundraisers and collecting donations on behalf of the campaign or spreading awareness through educational forums. Here are some examples on how you can raise money for Make-A-Wish.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of children living with cancer, you may consider donating to Make-A-Wish. Each wish journey comes to life with the help of countless volunteers, local businesses and corporate partners all around the world. By donating to Make-A-Wish, you can make a great impact in the child’s life. A wish journey has the power to regain the strength of these children, whose childhood is not what it used to be. Research has shown that the wish journey can have a positive impact on the healing process. Your donation has the power to give critically ill children new hope, confidence, and strength.


When is childhood cancer awareness month?

Every year in September the world and Make-A-Wish celebrate childhood cancer awareness month. This month is specifically highlighted to publicize the growing number of cancer cases in children.


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Critically ill children are often missing out on a normal childhood. By donating you are helping us grant wishes to eligible children who are living with a life-threatening illness. The wish journey has the power to renew the strength of the children and their families. The impact of a granted wish helps them create everlasting memories. Become part of this magical experience, and donate today. Interested to learn where it all started? Read about the origin story of Make-A-Wish.


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What is celebrated during Childhood Cancer Awareness month?

Each year around 400,000 children are diagnosed with cancer all over the world. The situation can take a drastic turn for the worst if a young child gets diagnosed with the illness. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is a time to spread awareness and host several campaigns which support this goal.
During this month, Make-A-Wish believes it is our utmost duty to collect funds and donations from different supporters and host multiple events with the primary goal of creating awareness related to different types of childhood cancer.

Why is celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness month important?

The news of being diagnosed with cancer can be devastating for both the children and their parents. Make-A-Wish believes that cancer awareness month has the capabilities to promote better health-seeking behavior, as well as early detection of a critical illness. Furthermore, it is a fact that cancer awareness month reminisces about the children who lost their lives being victims of different types of cancer.

Cancer is a common disease, but the lack of awareness about it further deteriorates the whole situation. Poor awareness related to the disease results in delayed screening as well as diagnosis. A factor that justifies a late diagnosis is the delay in seeking any consultancy related to cancer-like symptoms.

When is Childhood Cancer Awareness month?

Make-A-Wish hosts a Cancer Awareness month every September with the advocacy of a number of institutes, patients, and families of the affected with the main goal of creating awareness related to childhood cancer. The use of gold ribbons is resorted to in efforts to bring attention to childhood cancer.
We host our Childhood Cancer Awareness programs with various organizations to bring people together to continue finding treatment for different types of cancer. Make-A-Wish strives to ensure it honors wish children living with cancer, childhood cancer survivors, and all those who lost their battle against the disease.

How can I support Make-A-Wish during Cancer Awareness Month?

Make-A-Wish makes it possible to grant wishes to children who are living with critical illnesses such as childhood cancer. In an effort to keep giving these children hope, we must continue granting wishes. When Make-A-Wish grants a child’s wish, it is ensured that the memory lives on forever.
We hope to bring strength and courage to every eligible child living with childhood cancer , and that’s all possible with your support. With your financial support, it would be possible for us to provide greater life-changing wishes to restore joy in the lives of children living with a critical illness.

Sarah Labelle

Sarah Labelle

Sarah Labelle is Digital Fundraising Manager at Make-A-Wish International, having joined the organization in 2022 after a previous mission in humanitarian healthcare. Sarah oversees new donor acquisitions and conversions through our digital channels. Additionally, Sarah manages the e-commerce side of the website, email marketing and strives to deliver a smooth donation process for all Make-A-Wish supporters.