How our affiliate Make-A-Wish Canada transforms the lives of children

In collaboration with local communities all over Canada, Make-A-Wish grants life-changing wishes for children living with critical illnesses. Granting wishes gives hope to children who are subject to the diagnosis of a critical illness. Learn more about our affiliate Make-A-Wish Canada in this article.

Grant life-changing wishes

Make-A-Wish Canada

Together with thousands of volunteers and donors, Make-A-Wish Canada grants over 1,000 wishes a year. A critical illness impacts the lives of a child and their loved ones. By granting wishes Make-A-Wish Canada provides critically ill children and their families hope.

When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, this often means they spend a lot of their time in hospitals, undergoing medical treatment. Their childhood is blemished by experiences no child deserves to have to go through. In times of cold hospital rooms and doctors taking test after test, hope and confidence are much needed.

When a child’s wish is granted, it enables them and their loved ones to create a joyful experience which they can keep close to their heart. Having this experience can have a positive impact on the emotional and physical wellbeing of a child living with a critical illness.

What does Make-A-Wish Canada do?

Our affiliate Make-A-Wish Canada grants wishes for children who are critically ill. Every day, approximately three families in Canada find out that their child has a life-threatening illness. These children and their families often have to endure a difficult time, filled with doctor’s appointments and treatments.

Granting a child’s wish will give them hope and build their confidence. This can play a big role in their healing process.

Make-A-Wish Canada for national children?

Together with local communities, Make-A-Wish Canada renews strength and builds the confidence of children who are critically ill. Granting a child’s wish is a journey. It enables the whole family to have the best time and create precious memories.

Every wish is completely designed by a child. The only limit is their imagination. Make-A-Wish Canada takes care of everything during the wish journey. The families of the children don’t have to worry about anything!

Some children would like to become a pilot, and proceed to be a pilot during their wish day. Others would like to have a tea party in a castle, like a real princess. The wish can really be anything that a child wishes for.

Donate today and grant a wish

A granted wish is an outcome of the hard work of Make-A-Wish volunteers and generous donations. Any donation, large or small, helps us grant a wish for a critically ill child. By donating, you are giving a child and their loved ones an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime. Give hope, build confidence, and spark the imagination of a child living with a life-threatening illness. Donate today.

Child celebrating Make-A-Wish Canada

How does our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Canada transform the lives of children?

Make-A-Wish Canada is an Affiliate of the Make-A-Wish organization that is continuously working to make the wishes of critically ill children come true. This can help transform the lives of children who are living with life-threatening illnesses.

Critically ill children often lose hope because of prolonged hospital stays. This is why it is important to help them come back to life and give them hope. Make-A-Wish allows critically ill children’s wishes to come true. Make-A-Wish helps them have a great experience that gives them joy. It also allows them to spend time together as a family and enjoy themselves away from hospitals.

In order for critically ill children to get through their treatments, it is important for them to have hope and will to get better. Make-A-Wish helps give these children some hope.

How does Make-A-Wish Canada work?

Make-A-Wish Canada is an Affiliate of Make-A-Wish International, which is a non-profit organization. It operates on the donations of generous individuals who want to play their part in spreading joy to critically ill children. Moreover, people can volunteer for Make-A-Wish to personally play a role in order to help critically ill children’s wishes come true. Make-A-Wish Canada works on the generosity of people and their will to help bring critically ill children hope and joy.

What can I do for Make-A-Wish Canada?

You can help Make-A-Wish Canada by donating and volunteering in the organization. For example, if you want to help critically ill children financially, you can contribute to this cause. On the other hand, if you want to help them in person, you can volunteer.

How do I apply for a wish by Make-A-Wish Canada?

You can apply for a wish with Make-A-Wish Canada through their website. Children can be referred to Make-A-Wish by referrals. Parents, medical professionals, or children themselves can refer to Make-A-Wish. If the referred child is eligible for a wish, the Make-A-Wish organization will grant the child their wish. Make-A-Wish grants children their wishes as long as they are eligible, without any regard for their caste, creed, race, or economic status. More information about who qualifies for Make-A-Wish can be found at our FAQ.

How can I make a donation to Make-A-Wish Canada?

You can donate to Make-A-Wish Canada through their website, or you can also participate in various fundraisers that volunteers organize. On the Make-A-Wish website, you have the option to sponsor a child, donate monthly, or give a legacy gift. You have various options to donate to Make-A-Wish.

Sarah Labelle

Sarah Labelle

Sarah Labelle is Digital Fundraising Manager at Make-A-Wish International, having joined the organization in 2022 after a previous mission in humanitarian healthcare. Sarah oversees new donor acquisitions and conversions through our digital channels. Additionally, Sarah manages the e-commerce side of the website, email marketing and strives to deliver a smooth donation process for all Make-A-Wish supporters.