Managing Our Funds

Make-A-Wish International is proud of the way it manages and safeguards the generous contributions from individual donors, corporations and other organizations.

Make-A-Wish International supports its day-to-day operations, in addition to its 40 affiliates, working to grant wishes across the globe. This includes helping affiliates develop resources, administer programs and referrals, navigate policies and guidelines, and brand advancement.

In 2021, more than 65 cents out of every U.S. dollar given to Make-A-Wish International helped grant the wishes of 10,700 children living with critical illnesses globally.

$5.4M was raised in FY21 by Make-A-Wish International and $76.6M globally by Make-A-Wish Affiliates. 

*At time of publication, the audited financial statements where not finalised. This is the management presentation of the financials and have been reconciled to the balance sheet as of  fiscal year end 2021.


Make-A-Wish International supports its day-to-day operations

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