The impact of a wish, by Make-A-Wish Denmark

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Make-A-Wish Denmark, with the help of volunteers, donors and other supporters, works to make the one true wish of a child come true. Having a life-threatening disease can be depressing and demotivating. By granting a wish, Make-A-Wish Denmark provides great joy and hope to not only the child but to the whole family as well. This serves as a motivation for the child and can play a part in the healing process.

Grant life-changing wishes

This is what makes the wish journey special

Throughout the wish journey, Make-A-Wish Denmark plans the child’s wish without any further burden on the child’s family. Once the wish is registered, the Make-A-Wish team starts working on the wish that can be almost anything at all; an item, wanting to become someone for a day, going to a place, or meeting a celebrity. Make-A-Wish Denmark coordinates the child’s medical schedule with their treating doctor and plans and executes the whole thing. Every aspect of planning as well as the financial cost is looked after by Make-A-Wish to make the experience as smooth and joyful as possible for the family.

The wish journey of Make-A-Wish Denmark


The wish journey process of Make-A-Wish Denmark is simple and fun. Firstly, a child living with a critical illness gets referred to Make-A-Wish Denmark. This is done by either their parents, legal guardians, medical professionals currently treating them, or any family member that is familiar with the child’s medical history.
After that, Make-A-Wish Denmark will check the eligibility of the child and their medical condition is confirmed by a medical professional according to Make-A-Wish criteria. Once that’s done, Make-A-Wish Denmark starts working on the wish with the help of the local community and local non-profit organizations, and soon enough the whole wish comes to life.

Who is eligible for a wish?

Any child diagnosed with a critical illness and aged between 3 and 17 years inclusive, may be deemed eligible to have their wish granted by Make-A-Wish. The eligibility is ensured by confirming the medical condition from the child’s current treating physician. If the illness is classified as critical or life-threatening according to Make-A-Wish medical criteria, the child may be eligible for a wish.

Empower critically ill children and donate today

Since Make-A-Wish is a non-profit organization, it works with the help of volunteers, supporters and partner organizations to help grant wishes. Each wish is granted with the help of donations from the public. Hence, each of your donations is significant in making another child’s wish come true. Click the donate button above to make a once off or monthly donation and select your chosen Make-A-Wish Affiliate.
Hopefully, with your help, Make-A-Wish Denmark will continue giving hope to children living with critical illnesses.

Grant life-changing wishes

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