How our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Pacific Islands enchants the lives of children living with a critical illness

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Make-A-Wish Pacific Islands is of the conviction that granting the wishes of children living with life-threatening illnesses can provide them with hope and joy, helping to alleviate their struggles. The organization believes that granting these wishes might reduce the strain and unease these children sometimes experience, particularly since many of them are confined to hospital rooms and miss out on much of a normal childhood. By granting the wishes of these children living with a critical illness, it is our aim to try and make a positive impact in their lives.

Grant life-changing wishes

The impact of wish-granting

A child who is living with a critical illness may have to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time, struggling with the complications that come with their illness. These children often feel restless and stressed out, as their illness might impact their daily routine. It can seem impossible to take a break and enjoy life when you’re facing such a challenge.

Make-A-Wish Pacific Islands understands that every child who is living with a critical illness has unique wishes based on their interests and preferences. We try our best to grant the wish of every eligible child, in the hopes of providing them with joy. By granting a wish, we hope to give these children the opportunity to create joyful memories with their loved ones and find courage, hope, and spirit through the Wish Journey.

The aspects of a Wish Journey at Make-A-Wish Pacific Islands


In order to grant wishes for children through our Affiliate Pacific Islands, we have a multi-step process:

  1. A referral for a child living with a critical illness is received.
  2. We confirm the child’s eligibility for a wish.
  3. We meet with the child and family to get to know them, and start to identify what the child’s wish might be. This phase is called ‘wish capture’.
  4. Wish granters get to work designing and planning the child’s wish.
  5. The details of the wish are revealed to the child and they get to enjoy the sense of anticipation
  6. The wish is granted with the help of partners, donors and volunteers
  7. The hope, strength and joy of a wish come true can have a lasting ‘wish effect’ on the child and their family.

In this journey we try to bring a sense of elation for everyone involved as we bring enjoyment and optimism to children often facing tough circumstances.

Which children are eligible?

To be eligible for a wish with our Affiliate Pacific Islands, a child must be between the ages of 3 to 17, living with a critical illness. We require a healthcare professional to confirm the child’s medical condition.

Grant life-changing wishes by donating

With the support of our volunteers and charitable donors, we are able to fulfill the wishes of children living with a critical illness through Make-A-Wish Pacific Islands. The experience of having a wish granted can provide these children with a sense of optimism and confidence during challenges they might face. You can be a part of this incredible life-changing journey by making a donation.

Grant life-changing wishes