“I wish to have a husky puppy”

A child’s fight against a critical illness is not only physically exhausting – it is traumatic. A wish can ignite a world of possibilities for a child and their family. This gift of joy can restore hope for tomorrow.

Gaia is a positive and enthusiastic little girl despite everything she has endured in the last two years. In the midst of the pandemic, Gaia had to go through a tough and strenuous course of treatment that stole a little piece of her childhood.

Gaia waited excitedly to meet with Make-A-Wish volunteers. She had prepared very well and was calm, even in talking about her prolonged isolation in the hospital. 

She told the volunteers that she wished to have a new friend – a Husky puppy! And to celebrate its arrival, she wanted a party at her home. 

On the day of her wish, Gaia’s little friends gathered to surprise her. Gaia knew nothing about the wish day; her mother managed to keep it a secret until the very last moment. Gaia was asked to close her eyes before her little puppy was put in her arms. As the photos show, Gaia was overwhelmed with joy! 

Gaia’s mom Nunzia told us she is still in disbelief. The experience was very emotional for her too. In the instant when Gaia opened her eyes and found herself face to face with her little husky, her mom, “saw a new light shining on [her] little girl’s face.”

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Niamh Ryan

Niamh Ryan

Niamh Ryan is Senior Manager, PR and Communications at Make-A-Wish International, having joined the organisation in 2022 after 5 years at Make-A-Wish Ireland. Niamh oversees the organisation’s internal and external communications and looks after media relations and media strategy. With a background in digital marketing, she is passionate about employing the latest technology and trends to help more people learn about the life-changing power of a wish-come-true!