“I wish to have a kitchen playset”

5-year-old Naura, who is living with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, has been waiting almost a year for her wish to be granted. Naura needed to be physically and emotionally well enough to enjoy her special day. 

Naura’s wish was ‘to have a kitchen playset’, as being trapped due to the pandemic, the only activity that Naura enjoyed was helping her mother with the cooking.

In anticipation of her wish day, the Make-A-Wish Malaysia team sent Naura a range of gifts which included; baking tools, an apron, a chef’s hat, various toys to accompany the kitchen playset, as well as a special recipe book! 

On her wish day, a local celebrity ‘Chef Anis’ taught Naura how to make her much loved ice-cream waffles (yum)! To Naura’s surprise, she was gifted the waffle maker when they were finished baking! Then, the kitchen playset was revealed – Naura was in shock and disbelief, and happiness was written all over her face!

Naura’s Mum told us, “my husband and I are extremely thankful to Make-A-Wish for this wonderful day and for creating beautiful memories for our daughter. We truly didn’t expect this amount of effort, team work, support and love! We are very touched with all that you have done for our little princess”.

When a wish is granted, it does more than bring joy to the wish child.

For wish kids like Naura, a wish provides them with strength to battle through darkness, and uplift their families and the community around them.

A wish begins with hope. Hope begins with you.

Jessica Curran
Jessica Curran

Jessica Curran is Digital Marketing Manager at Make-A-Wish International, having joined the organisation in 2020 after 2.5 years at Make-A-Wish Ireland. Jessica is responsible for planning and executing social media content across all major platforms. Additionally, she oversees Make-A-Wish International’s external website, ensuring its effectiveness and alignment with our mission.