“I wish to swim with sea lions

Sometimes 18-year-old Amira can’t find comfort from her pain but she never loses her smile. 

Her symptoms have been puzzling doctors since she was born. Amira suffers from an acute form of dermatitis which causes inflammation, bruising and swelling all over her body. Amira’s fabulous wish is to have fun swimming with sea lions. A day to spend with her family away from pain and the stress of treatment.

At special times of year we look forward to the warmth and comfort of family – this year more than most. But families caring for critically ill children often miss out on the good times most of us take for granted.

Children with life-threatening illnesses undergo the stress of treatment plus the isolation of hospital stays away from their loved ones.

It only took one wet, whiskery kiss planted on Amira’s cheek to spark the sort of joy that helps restore hope to a family. Playing with the sea lions gave Amira’s family time to be together, away from the worry of treatment and pain control.  

Everyone needs a break and the comfort of family around them. But for the families of critically ill children a few hours away from the constant worry can mean the world.

By being a regular donor you can help many more families, just like Amira’s, feel hope for the future. 

From your family to their family – become a Make-A-Wish donor today.



Spark joy and help the family of a sick child come together this festive season.

Jessica Curran

Jessica Curran

Jessica Curran is Digital Marketing Manager at Make-A-Wish International, having joined the organisation in 2020 after 2.5 years at Make-A-Wish Ireland. Jessica is responsible for planning and executing social media content across all major platforms. Additionally, she oversees Make-A-Wish International’s external website, ensuring its effectiveness and alignment with our mission.