Approximately 400,000 children each year are diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is the most common condition affecting our wish children.

A wish begins with hope, you can help to grant a wish for a child with cancer, today.

Leni’s Wish

Leni wished to be a princess and ride on a unicorn with her two best friends. On her wish day, they donned their best dresses and had their makeup done, to look and feel just like the princesses from their favourite movies. A fabulous unicorn picked them up and brought them for a ride around the castle grounds. It was a wonderful day fit for a princess!

Every child deserves a childhood full of joyful memories. There are more children just like Leni, who are waiting on their wishes to be granted. Please donate today.
#ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth #HopeIsEssential

About Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, it started in the US in September 1992. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month highlights the impact of cancer on children and their family and acknowledges the fight against cancer and cancer-related illnesses so many children face. The Golden Ribbon is the symbol.

The encouraging news is that, with the development of economy and medical conditions in some areas, survival rates of children with cancer keep on rising. However, the improvement is lagging in some less-developed countries.

Every year in September, at Make-A-Wish, we join this movement of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, hoping to bring more strength and courage to every child living with cancer – we can only achieve this with your support.