I wish to be a clothing designer

"It was such a cool experience (opening the stock exchange in the morning)...and then THE big moment. I could finally see the clothes I designed. How beautiful!" -Sofie
Sofie, 14, Belgium-Vlaanderen
cardiac and pneumological disorder
Sofie wanted to become a clothing designer. She dreamed about bringing her own clothing line to the fashion market. As part of her wish, Sofie designed 10 outfits, six of which were specially made for her fashion show. Sofie started her big day with opening the Brussels Stock exchange as part of World Wish Day 2013. Later, she was brought to the center of Brussels in a white stretch limousine accompanied by a police escort.
She then received a full fashion makeover, complete with makeup and accessories. Finally, they moved to the radio-studio where she finally saw her designs made reality. The presentation of her designs were modeled by Sofie, her cousin and her best friends.