I wish to go on a shopping spree

"This experience is going to help Alba tremendously. She has a transplant procedure coming up and she is going to need all the strength she can muster. We are sure this experience will help her confront and get through the procedure." - Alba's dad
Alba , 14, Chile

As part of the Kia volunteer partnership program with Make-A-Wish Chile, Kia employees brainstormed and developed Alba´s wish to go on a shopping spree. They decided to re-make the headquarters into a mall, complete with six stores, each one dedicated to one of Alba's interests or hobbies. Clothes, electronics, accessories, etc. were all purchased by Make-A-Wish Chile and Kia according to her tastes and Alba was invited, along with her parents, to take a trip through her own personal mall. The wish had over 25 employees involved and upper management communicated they had never seen their team so cohesive on one shared project before.