I wish to fly on a two-rotor helicopter in the Italian Army

Simon had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and his wish was to “fly on a two-rotor helicopter in the Italian Army”.

During Simon’s wish granting day, we created so many surprises for him starting from the early morning: a carabinieri’s patrol and soldiers from the Italian Army, who dressed in their uniform, came to escort him to the military airport for his helicopter experience; then waiting at the airport were the highest ranked officers of the squad; then an enormous bi-rotor CH47f copter was waiting, just for him.

Simon had a great time and an amazing experience in the helicopter with two soldiers sitting around him, and the pilot brought him to fly over mountains, lakes, and even the sea for an hour. At the end of the day, it wasn’t necessary to ask Simon if his wish had been fulfilled, since his eyes and his smiles spoke volumes!

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